Alert does not trigger "arriving sample will not be processed, arrived 60 minutes later"

  • KM03769277
  • 18-Dec-2020
  • 18-Dec-2020

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Alert does not trigger even it should be.



Enabled debug for alert.rule.log:


2020-12-15 12:57:46,530 [W_ReclamationThreadPoolExecutor-1-23] ( DEBUG -  1 samples was received
2020-12-15 12:57:46,530 [W_ReclamationThreadPoolExecutor-1-23] ( DEBUG - arriving sample will not be processed, arrived 60 minutes later [sample: sampleType=trans_t|time_stamp=1.608026249E9|szTransactionName=Jawwyapi_com_8097_HealthCheck|szBTFName=Jawwyapicom_8097_HealthCheck|u_iStatus=0|dResponseTime=1125.999|application_id=0xb9b43f73590d9f06e9e03d97c69ef600|u_iTransactionId=0xddc676992e32bd171a59130cc7891d37|szStrMsg=null|u_iLocationId=0x6bbf84b078ac140326a8a3aad6fa6cf5|u_iScriptId=102|dBaselThreshGreen=null|dBaselThreshRed=null|trans_err_t=null|szBpmAgentName=WIN-P0L6IGH81AJ|CriticalThreshold=12000.0|PoorThreshold=8000.0|u_iBpmAgentId=20|u_iBTFId=0x41944cf0b7f89e873bf4d884310b4461|baseline_resp_time_loc_mean=null|baseline_resp_time_loc_std=null|szDeviceId=4294967295|]
2020-12-15 12:57:46,530 [W_ReclamationThreadPoolExecutor-1-23] ( DEBUG - ======= alert[104c4b0f791a94b33ebf535f15731f33] calculation for customer [1] ended =======


We could see sample coming but not prosseed "arriving sample will not be processed, arrived 60 minutes later "




1. Use BSM Browser to connect to DB

2. Use the query below to check DB time

- For SQL Server:  Select getdate()

- for Oracle:  Select sysdate from dual

3. You should see that datetime of DB is faster APM servers 60 minuts


4. What we need to do to fix the issue

- Change DB time equals to APM time

- Restart whole APM service

5. Now Alert should trigger