Why Storage topology discovery jobs cannot discover the LUN CIs for HPE Nimble storage ?

  • KM03767429
  • 10-Dec-2020
  • 25-Feb-2021


Storage topology discovery job LUN CIs using the SMIS protocol but for HPE Nimble storage LUN CIs cannot be discovered and other topology CIs are being discovered.


StorageTopology discovery job is not able to discover the LUN CIs for HPE nimble storage. It is able to discover all the other details with HPE Storage except LUNs



HPE Nimble storage with SMIS protocol, not returning LUN details. From HPE nimble storage LUN details are not exposed with SMIS protocol which is industry standard.

Microfocus CMS discovery job uses SMIS standard protcol to connect stroage and hence storage discovery job cannot discover the LUN CIs.

This is applicable for all the versions of the CMS.