Does it possible to use archived files from one SDM instance to other

  • KM03765200
  • 27-Nov-2020
  • 27-Nov-2020


This pretend to clarify doubts if you can take archived files from one instance of SDM moving them to other SDM instance.


  •  Why this error needs to be documented and exposed?

This is not proper defined in documentation, and recently we got cases from customers pretending to do that.

  •  What are the versions being affected?

All versions.

  •  How is the procedure used?

Some users want to use archived files from a BF in a D2F environment under other SDM instance, just copying archived files to other SDM instance at the same directory (not same path necessarily), in this way SDM will look at that directory and try to work with it, for this user, select relocate to try to load files and on hand by SDM repository, in that way to be used to be relocated into other DB.


+ Is this a valid action?

It is not recommendable to do that, because SDM has control of every archive carried on inside the repository.
So, for SDM these files aren’t recognized as part of current instance and environment, given issues when user uses relocate, no controls on repository even each archived file has a controls inside saying metadata to know what there is on archived data.
Also, the way used by users is ‘relocate’, because there is no way to use other SDM features to read archived files.
+ Is there a way to do it as a workaround?

Yes, you can try to do a workaround consisting in:  do a D2F environment on 2nd instance with same name, export the designer file .hdp and import it into WC, do a dummy archive, then copy files from instance one to instance two, so, now use relocate feature in SDM and SDM knows that has that archive done, allowing you to do relocate.