Audit in SDM

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  • 25-Nov-2020
  • 25-Nov-2020


Explain about audit feature in SDM, does it exist or not


Today companies ask for audit process in SDM.

So, it is important to talk about it and or how to get it.


SDM does not uses an audit process perse, it does not exist properly.

If you need to audit what SDM does with information you would do the following:

1. For database side, your DBA can set it up to trace transactions and user logged when these transactions were carried on.

2. From SDM side, you would use groovy programing to specify users doing something, building your owner mini system tables for audit purposes, of course, this will take sometime by your side, but the objetive is taken doing this.

Information:  Basically SDM takes information from OLTP and move it to target, it means, destination location, it could be file or DB or other tarjet specified on locations, so, audit process is belonging to DB and not in SDM due to the way SDM uses the information without transformation.