File system space getting fulled

  • KM03762800
  • 13-Nov-2020
  • 13-Nov-2020

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File system space getting fulled


The resolution will be to increase the space needed by /var/opt/opsware filesystem; in order to prevent future problems with space increasing you have to add extra space to those filesystems which need. The reason is because in /var/opt/opsware are many directories in which space usage can increase without us being able to determine how much space you need. Our advice is to increase the filesystem with a greater amount of disk space to prevent fs fill up in the near future. But since there are many factors that can increase the space needed for this directory we're unable to give you the exact space needed. Generally speaking, the longer you use SA, depending on how intensive you use it, the fs will increase in space usage.


Also you can perform the following steps in order to clean the word cache, and free up some space on the filesystem safely without negative impact:

To remove all unnecessary file from the word cache:

Change this parameters in /etc/opt/opsware/mm_wordbot/mm_wordbot.args on all cores and satellites:
cache_max_size - the max size of the cache directory
cache_min_size - the min size of the cache directory
cache_cleanup_rate – The cleanup rate of the cache directory (The default value for clean-up rate is 720 minutes or 12 hours. You can change it to 1 hour).


For the /var/log/opsware, it’s probably because /var/log/opsware/waybot/debug/, it can safely delete the waybot/debug/ directory and from the Java client >> system configuration >> Command Engine (WAY) and search for way.debug_size set it to “0” in case it is “1” to disable the generation of addition logging.

And specific number of seconds way.debug_staleness_threshold in order for those files to be cleaned automatically please set the value appropriately.