Platform installer deployment

  • KM03762799
  • 13-Nov-2020
  • 30-Apr-2021


The steps to install a new platform/OS into Server Automation (running a Platform Installer)


As new OS's come out, Server Automation can be updated to be able to manage them.  This is done via a Platform Installer (PI).  How are they installed?


Installing a Platform Installer (PI) into SA is a mainly a three step process..


Step 1) Download the appropriate PI for your version of SA for the OS you want to install to the /tmp directory of your primary SA core server.   The available platform installers can be found on the Microfocus MarketPlace (MpC) website at

(Hint:  When looking for the correct PI for a OS for your version of SA, pay attention to the version number after the OS description.  The first part of the number denotes the version of SA that the PI is applicable to.  For instance, "Platform Installer - Windows 2019 75.0.80481.0" is the Platform installer for PPC64LE version of Redhat 8.  The first part of the number after that (the "75" of "75.0.86934.0" denotes that this is for SA 2018.08.  This two digit number is a internal ID for different SA versions.  The current active SA version list is this.. )

80 - SA 2020.11
75 - SA 2018.08
70 - SA 10.60
65 - SA 10.5x
60 - SA 10.2x

Take care to make sure that any prerequisites (for instance, a particular level of SA Rollup is installed) are in place prior to continuing with the rest of these steps.  Any prereqs will be listed in the description of the Platform Installer on the MpC website. 


Step 2) Logged onto the SA core server as the root user, cd to /tmp and issue the following command

/opt/opsware/bin/apxtool import <$FULL_PATH_NAME_OF_FILE>

/opt/opsware/bin/apxtool import /tmp/

You'll see the following query/result:

APX with unique name '' does not exist.
Register it into the system? Y/N Y
Info: Successfully registered APX 'Windows Server 2019 x64 Platform Installer' (2710001) in folder '/Opsware/Tools/Managed Platforms Support'.


Step 3) Log into SA core server via desktop client as a SA user with Administrative privileges
Go To Administration > Platforms Support and on the right-hand side window, look for the OS you're adding.  
Right-click on the OS being added (for example Windows Server 2019), and select "Run" from the pulldown options.
After the installation is complete, verify that the State Column for the OS is now changed to "Installed".   Windows 2019 content (and a agent) will have been added to the SA database at this point and Windows 2019 servers can now be managed. 

A full description of this process can be found at in the various Administrator manuals for SA versions.  For 2020.11 -