Recreate ASE ContentStore

  • KM03759174
  • 05-Nov-2020
  • 05-Nov-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Use this procedure to recreate the SybaseASE CS.


Following are the steps for reinstalling the ASE using initializeNPS.ovpl utility.


Here are the complete steps to reinitialize Content Store and ASE, you may also choose the corresponding numbers of the below mentioned option instead of specifying them with “-a <option>”:

1) Stop all NPS services: stopALL.ovpl

2) Execute below command:

initializeNPS.ovpl -m <NPS Media path>/packages -a UninstallSybaseASE

3) Make sure below directory does not exist. If it exists, delete it:


4) Execute below command to create CS:

initializeNPS.ovpl -a CreateSybaseContentStore -m <NPS Media path>/packages

5) Start BI services:

6) Setup Content Store Roles and Security:

initializeNPS.ovpl -a SetupCSRolesAndSecurity -m <NPS Media path>/packages

7) Configure BI Server Access Control List:

initializeNPS.ovpl -a ConfigBIAccess -m <NPS Media path>/packages

8) Restart BI Server:

initializeNPS.ovpl -a RestartBIServer -m <NPS Media path>/packages

9) Install PerfSPI_Diagnostics Reportpack:

installExtensionPack.ovpl -a InstallDiagExtensionPack -m <NPS Media path>/packages

10) Install Metrics Extension Packs:

installExtensionPack.ovpl -a MetricsExtensionPacksInstall -m <NPS Media path>/packages

11) startALL.ovpl