Extension Pack version must match product version

  • KM03759169
  • 05-Nov-2020
  • 05-Nov-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


If it is confirmed that NPS and NNM are of the same version and if required the NPS bundle is installed, use this procedure to upgrade the ETLs



Incompatible ExtensionPack version. ExtensionPack Version (10.00) must match Product Version (10.10). ETL NOT started. ExtensionPack must be upgraded


Make a backup/copy of the following directories and place them into a temporary location (could be /tmp/)

From NNMi:


From NPS:


Extract the files inside each one of them and examine the content of the file named dfltConfig.cfg, can you please verify the PerfSPI version on the following line of each file:

--ExtensionPack <EPName>


If the version for the problematic ETL is not your current version, we can try:

1. Changing that value to the correct version (10.60) for each one of the files you copied/backed up on the temporary location, saving the changes, and tar the entire directory again (tar.gz).

Remember to always keep a copy of the original files/directories we will modify, just as a precaution.

2. Run the command stopALL.ovpl

3. Replace the original tar files:

/var/opt/OV/shared/perfSpi/datafiles/extension/final/EPNAME.tar.gz (NNMi)

/opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/extensionpacks/EPNAME.tar.gz (NPS)

for the files we modified on the temporary location on the step 1.

4. startALL.ovpl