DP session hangs and popup "time out occurred"

  • KM03758435
  • 04-Nov-2020
  • 10-May-2021


Probem happen on the system where NNM/Performance manager software is installed along with it


Issue appears while executing the backup using omnib, as well as GUI will popup the same messages while assessing its functions like devices, backup specificaion...

# omnib -datalist backupspecification
Time out occurred.


Customer install DP along with Performance Center so we found out that hang occurs during ARM api call(arm_init). This is 3rd party library/code and it does not do much as far as DP session managers are concerned.
Note: ARM was used to display performance graphs through HP Performance Manager and it was obsolete with DP 6.20. There is also a plan for it to be removed from DP in the future releases


Set OB2DISABLEARM=1 to omnirc of Cell Manager to disable this call.