Increase logging from ScanCentral

  • KM03758347
  • 03-Nov-2020
  • 03-Nov-2020


In the event that ScanCentral is not providing enough information to diagnose a situation, you can follow these steps to increase the amount of information in the logs.


ScanCentral logging typically provides enough information to follow the flow of operations under normal conditions.  If things are not working as expected, the ScanCentral logging may not provide enough information to determine the actual root cause of the issue. 


In the event that you want to get debug information from ScanCentral, you will need to do two things:


1) Increase the log level in the Controller.

- To do this, navigate to the controller's /WEB-INF/Classes folder and locate the log4j2.xml file.  Open the file in an editor and set the loggers to "debug".  Save the file and restart the controller.


2) Increase the log level in the workers.

- For each worker, you will need to unzip the Core/lib/scanentral-cli-xxx.jar file located in the SCA installation.  Locate the log4j2.xml file in the jar root or /Resources folder (depending on the exact version) and set the loggers to "debug".  Save the file and re-zip the jar file.  The next time the worker is called, the logs will contain debug-level information.