Change the Probe Keystore Passwords

  • KM03757158
  • 30-Oct-2020
  • 30-Oct-2020


Universal CMDB 2019.05


The following procedure explains how to change the probe keystore password only.


  1. On the probe machine, from the <DataFlowProbe>\bin\jre\bin folder, run the following command to change the probe keystore password:
    keytool -storepasswd -keystore <DataFlowProbe>\conf\security\ProbeKeyStore
  2. Update the certificate's password in this keystore file:

    keytool -keypasswd -alias <alias> -keypass <current_pass> -new <new_pass> -keystore <DataFlowProbe>\conf\security\ProbeKeyStore.jks
    The default alias is hpprobe, and the default key pass is logomania.
  3. Update the keystore password in the <DataFlowProbe>\conf\security\ file.

    1. Log in to the probe JMX Console and invoke the getEncryptedKeyPassword operation from MainProbe MBean.
    2. Copy and paste the encrypted key password into the file to replace the existing one.
    3. Save the file.