OMi Patch installation, checkpoints

  • KM03756350
  • 29-Oct-2020
  • 29-Oct-2020

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Points to validate after an OMi patch installation


How to validate the correct installation of an OBM patch


There are several aspects to check after an OMi/OBM patch installation to ensure that it was installed successfully

The first point is to ensure that the script is being executed with the correct permissions

As Administrator on Windows

As root on Linux,

On Linux we also need to check that the /tmp directory where the temp files will be during installation is an executable directory, we can also run export IATEMPDIR=<temp dir> and point the files to a directory that has the executable flag.

After attending the installation and if no errors were visible on the wizard or the Patch installation log under /tmp MicroFocusOvInstaller or the specified temp directory we can do the following

Run an -opr command this will tell us whether the version.txt files for the components are correctly on place

validate the .jar files under <OMI HOME>\lib\ most of the files get updated during the patch installation and we can validate the version with the what.[sh|bat] tool under <OMI HOME>\opr\support\, as an example here is the version of the configsvr-wizard.jar after the OMi IP4 installation 10.63.402 is the expected version if the jar was correctly updated during the patch installation.

/opt/HP/BSM/opr/support/ configsvr-wizard.jar

In some cases some of this jar files don't get updated which causes the OMi not to start, if that is the situation you can import the jar files from another server either GW or DPS with the same base version so for 10.63 IP4 update we require jars from a 10.63 on any of the prior IPs and then run the patch installation script again, to ensure that the files get updated, can check on the jar file latest update time to ensure that was updated on the latest execution of the script, after this the system should start normally.