SDM does not automatically set a table as Suspect

  • KM03756309
  • 29-Oct-2020
  • 29-Oct-2020


When customer is using SDM Discovery for new project for first time, some tables can not be processed as with sensitive data, so, here a workaround to use a base profile file in order to solve the issue.


SDM does not automatically set a table as Suspect.
In SDM Discovery you would scan your schema and some tables seen sensitives for you or our customers were not set as include security data to be masked.
This happens because we need to have a base file as profiler for data analysis, so, we will need to tell to SDM that use a base configuration file.


As a workaround you can create a new set file in Discovery. This set will contain Brazilian types and rules also,
you can add more nationalities if you want.
Do the following:
• Go to grammars> New set icon.
• It would prompt a pop up window.
• Choose Brazil and save.
• If you check there are 48 rules enable.
• If you want to disable any of those rules. Click on green bottom rule and save it.
• Finally,  go back to sets tab and publish your new set.
• Save it as xml file.
• A new is going to be store in obtdiscovery folder with all rules that you have enabled.
• You can assign this new set to the project that match with the data of your DB.
• Now your project is going to include types and rules of you customize set file
The issue here is if you are trying to enable or disable your already published rules,
then save and publish them the xml file is not going to be updated,
only works for a new fresh set file.