One of the issues you face when Upgraded SDM 7.52 to 7.64 Unable to deploy cartridge

  • KM03755143
  • 27-Oct-2020
  • 27-Oct-2020


Migration is taken place in several SDM installations, so, here you have one of the issues raised after migration, in this case, this applies to migration from 7.52 to 7.64 coming from older versions already migrated until reach 7.52.


This information is tended to give you information about one of the issues you would face after migration coming from SDM 7.52->7.64.
The idea is you to check here if, you are having issues after migration you would check if this issue here makes fit with yours, otherwise, discard this and search for other similar title going to fix the error.
This error points to dependences which some costumers already set in their environments.
Error shown:
<drive>:\HPESDM or <product install>\obt\install\deploy_businessflow.xml:316: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.exolab.<String with reference error>.xml.Introspector.setInternalContext(Lorg/<String with reference error>/xml/InternalContext;)V
                at org.exolab.<String with reference error>.xml.XMLContext.<init>(
When Error Raises:
When customer is trying to deploy the BF.


Caused by:

Missed or duplicated or missed path when BF is looking for references.



When Error Raises:
When customer is trying to deploy the BF.
What to check:
As you can see in ‘Error Shown’ section, there is a statement where the symbols “<>” are rounding the texts saying “String with reference error”, this is the component or object what is given issues, sometimes, it doesn’t exist, or changed path or many same references.
How to Fix it Up:
Check if the object or component or library or file exist or if not exist or many of it, then take appropriate actions based on your installation and needs, then you would remove it, remove copies, copy it on that path, check the path and do corrections.