How to modify the uCDMB HA timeout in OBM version 2018.x and later

  • KM03754472
  • 26-Oct-2020
  • 30-Oct-2020


applies to OBM version 2018.x, 2091.x 2020.x


This document desribes how to increase the uCDMB HA timeout in OBM latest versions with separate uCDMB service

 to do because of the uCDMB switching frequently cases we see all the time for one reason or another. What we normally do is to suggest being increased to 240 seconds to work around performance issues on the servers.


Please make sure that both settings below are set to 240:


How to validate this:

- Modify the new setting via support utilities:

   <OMi_HOME>/opr/support/opr-support-utils -set_setting -context bsm_ucmdb_sdk -set bsm.odb.ha.timeout <new value>

   for example :  opr-support-utils.bat -set_setting -context bsm_ucmdb_sdk -set bsm.odb.ha.timeout  240


- Start/Restart OMi on all systems


- check that the new value has been configured for the UCMDB global settings with the following procedure:

   Log in to OMi 

   In a separate tab on the same browser log in to UCMDB with http://<FQDN>:21212

   Select the UCMDB link. If credentials are needed to log in, fill in username = admin and password= <the configured admin password>

   Go to Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager

   Look for the following settings in the list. They should have the updated values

     "High Availability Writer inactivity period threshold"

    "High Availability Writer suggestion period threshold