Nexus Switches status can change to Major after the firmware of the device is updated.

  • KM03747655
  • 19-Oct-2020
  • 30-Apr-2021


After updating the OS of Nexus switches the node status changes to Major due to ChassisMajorInNodeMajor due to ChassisMajorInNode.


Major due to ChassisMajorInNode


The cause for this is because the old FEX modules were not deleted from the database.


You may manually delete the old FEXex using the following method:

1. Identify the registration ID for the OLD FEX’s from the registration tab

2. Pass it into the script with the following:

./deleteAnything.ovpl -c id -V -t nms_phys_comp -s "select id from nms_phys_comp where id in (REPLACE WITH ID COMMA SEPERATED)" >deletephyscomp.log


./deleteAnything.ovpl -c id -V -t nms_phys_comp -s "select id from nms_phys_comp where id in (1033, 1056)" >deletephyscomp.log

NOTE : Make sure the deleteAnything.ovpl should in the folder where you run this command.

Contact Micro Focus support representative to provide the deleteAnything.ovpl script.

Deleting and seeding the device fixes this issue but this also deletes all historical data for the node in NNMi.