Junk characters on in Japanese webi chart of OBR report

  • KM03744048
  • 06-Oct-2020
  • 06-Oct-2020

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Junk character on OBR report


After migration of OBR 10.40, there is the Japanese junk character (box) showing on the webi chart of reports in SAP BI Lauch pad.




Unix/Linux platforms by default do not contain all the fonts available on Windows platforms.


1) Copy the affected font file (e.g. msgothic.ttf) 

And TO 
2) Restart Adaptive Processing Servers and Web Intelligence Processing Servers.
For existing Web Intelligence documents, you need to open the document in Java Applet interface or in Web Intelligence Rich Client and re-save it.
You may need to re-specify the font specified for the chart text (right-click on the chart and select Format Chart...) to ensure the correct font is used.
3) For newly created Web Intelligence documents you can directly use BI Launchpad HTML or Java Applet interface to edit/open it.

Please SAP knowledge article1705449 for detailed information.