500 Internal Server Error When Logging In with one user.

  • KM03719270
  • 30-Sep-2020
  • 30-Sep-2020


It registered that the user had logged in successfully but in reality, they where redirected to a 500 internal server error page


There is a user who is logging into Fortify SSC for the first time in awhile (in this case was over a year). This user has an account in SSC in LDAP and appropriate permissions. When this user tries to login, they are immediately directed to an odd page with a weird URL Stating a 500 internal server error. It appeared that this error is specific to this user 


This user had an account in both LDAP and LOCAL but the local account did not have a role assigned to it which resulted in the internal 500 server error whenever the user tried logging in. This was fixed  by assigning the local account a role which had to be done through the  SSC Database because the portal was giving us problems as well. It refused to load the LOCAL account and just threw errors.