Unable to import Agent Package into OMi: "ERROR: IO error. Reason: SocketException: Socket Closed."

  • KM03717460
  • 28-Sep-2020
  • 12-May-2021


Command opr-package-manager shows error when uploading OA packages


Command opr-package-manager returns:

 ERROR: IO error. Reason: SocketException: Socket Closed.

When uploading OA 12.11 packages


The issue is caused due to a limitation of the allowed size of the pacakge body on the web server.

As a workaround perform the following steps:

Linux machine:

Edit /opt/HP/BSM/WebServer/conf/httpd.conf and change LimitRequestBody to the new value to 1000 megabytes like below.

LimitRequestBody 1000000000

Restart the Apache Web Server: /opt/HP/BSM/WebServer/bin/apache2restart.sh

For Windows machine :

Edit the <OMi_Home>\HP\BSM\WebServer\conf\httpd.conf file (can use an app like notepad ++ to validate that the numbers match)

Restart HPOperationsManageriWebServer services. // Full OMi restart is not required.