RepSM Plus Model Import Connector Stopped Receiving Reputation Data

  • KM03711852
  • 22-Sep-2020
  • 19-Oct-2020


Starting on September 10th 2020, RepSM Plus Model Import Connector stopped receiving Reputation data.. This is due to a platform change in our partner vendor's delivery mechanism. A patch is available.


The following error occurred in existing RepSM Plus Model Import Connector agent.log starting from September 10th 2020:

       [2020-09-16 05:45:29,808][INFO ][][getBlocklist] [HOST] Downloading data.
       [2020-09-16 05:45:30,033][ERROR][][getBlocklist] [HOST] Failed to download data.
       [2020-09-16 05:45:30,034][ERROR][][getBlocklist] Unsupported record version Unknown-0.0



Micro Focus would like to follow up and provide some additional explanation around the recent outage some of our customers have encountered with regards to our RepSM Plus solution for the ArcSight platform.  We understand that the issue has imposed undue hardship on our valuable customers, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience and disruption.

After considerable investigation with our partner, we determined the issue's root cause as being the result of a recent upgrade the partner had made to their service delivery platform.  In initial tests, no problems were immediately identified.  However after going live, a last-minute go-live implementation decision on the part of the partner resulted in the inability of the ArcSight Connector to successfully connect to the updated service delivery system.  

In cooperation with the vendor, we have developed the permanent fix in patch 1. It's available for download at

Thank you for your understanding during this most unfortunate set of circumstances.