OBM/OMi - OO integration, Runbook launch error

  • KM03710546
  • 21-Sep-2020
  • 12-May-2021


When launching a runbook in OBM, the system shows an error message, the message is not present if the runbook is launched as the integration user


When Launching a Runbook from OBM/OMi

A pop-up window shows the message

"Resource not found.  make sure that the run exists and that you have permissions to view it."

Error Message


Within OO is needed to give permissions to view the flow execution to the user that launch the flow from OBM to address the issue, this is done by mapping the required permissions to a User Role in OO we can take one of the following approximations:

1.Map the users or the LDAP group to a role that has the Remote Debugging role for example the role given to the integration user.

a. Log into OO, go to System Configuration / Roles


b. Select the desired Role for example OBM_Integration and cick on edit.

c. On the edition panel ensure that Remote Debugging is selected.

Role Permissions

d. On the Group Mapping tab, enter your LDAP Group

Group Mapping

e. Map user to the role that has Remote Debugging

Edit the Local User settings, and select the role that has at least the remote debugging permission

Local User role

f. Save the role, close all browser session, log back in and launch the runbook again, the message should no longer show up

2.Map the users or the LDAP group to a Role with only View permissions, the permission can be mapped on each flow or to the parent folder

a. Log into OO, go to System Configuration / Roles


b. Edit an existing role Create a one (ex. OBM-Integration)

New Role created

c.Then go to Content Management / Flow Library

Flow Library

d. Here we have two options, map the role permissions to the individual flows or map them to the parent folder

- Individual Flow

o    On the Flow Library locate the flows that will be used, select them and click edit

Select Flow

o    On the edit panel locate the wanted role and give view permissions, then click save.

Flow Permissions after


- Parent Folder

o    On the Flow Library locate the Folder of Flows that you need

Flow Folder

o    On the permission secction select Edit

o    Grant View permissions and check the Apply to Children box (if the box isn't checked the permissions will not be applied to the flows under that folder), the click save

View Permissions granted to the Folder

Folder Permissions (after)

o   Map the LDAP Group to the Role that we granted view permissions

Only view, Group Mapping

o    Map a local user to the only view Role

On the User edit panel, select the role that has the view permissions at the flows

Local user to only view role

e.After this is needed to close the browser so the LW-SSO cookie gets cleared then can log back in OBM/OMi and launch the runbooks