How to adjust on-board connectors memory on ArcMC Appliance.

  • KM03697137
  • 07-Sep-2020
  • 07-Sep-2020


These steps apply for customer who want to increase connector java heap memory within a container on ArcMC.


Go to Node Management --> Containers tab and select the Container where you want to increase connectors memory size.

From Action Drop-Down list, select Send Container Command

Hit Next and select Command Type: Configuration Memory Settings

Hit Next and select desired value that you want to set for your connectors from Drop-Down list

Hit Next to confirm the selection and click Done to complete the change.

The container will be restarts for applying the change.

Note: All of connectors within a container are using a same framework hence the change above will affect to all of connectors in container.

See attachment with picture-in-picture steps.