Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Octane Software 15.1.20 has been released

  • KM03696551
  • 04-Sep-2020
  • 04-Sep-2020


Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Octane Software 15.1.20


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Micro Focus is announcing the release of

Product: Application Lifecycle Management Octane Software
Version: 15.1.20
Languages: English, French, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish

The following new key features are available with this version:

  • Octane Developer License on SaaS
  • Metrics & Analytics
    • Automation ROI – Defects Cost, Escaping Defects
    • Aging backlog items
  • Enterprise readiness and administration
    • Shared space Customization Export/Import – Tech Preview
    • Full Shared space data Export/Import - Tech Preview
    • Workspace level User Defined List
    • Microsoft Azure deployment (Including: SQL, Government Cloud)
    • Customize Email Body
    • Aligning Excel export and import formats for tests
    • Flexible ES version support (6.x, 7.x)
    • Direct upgrade from 15.0.20 (LTP)
  • Agile & Requirements
    • SAFe Program for Pipeline and Pipeline Runs
    • Kanban board by Metaphase only
    • Objectives per Team & in Graphs
  • Reporting
    • Document report - Export test with steps
    • Document report – Links to attachments
  • Quality
    • ALM/QC Test Run Injection (Will be supported with ALM 15.5)
    • BDD – new model – Test per Scenario
    • Multiple instances of the same test in a suite
    • Bulk plan of Test Suite runs
    • Run UDFs and data set in test suite Planning
    • Pass additional info to CI per Automated Test run
    • Be able to use run-time version of manual test script
    • Exposing Test data set REST API
    • Application Modules Grid
    • Defect count per User Story
    • Cucumber 4.8.1
  • DevOps and Integrations
    • Pull requests – link to Feature
    • Pipeline access by workspace
    • Synchronizer: User Story to Defect relations
    • New CI plugins: Bamboo 7, Team City 2020, GitLab 12.7.5
  • Usability
    • Backlog Redline
    • Cards & Grid Coloring
    • Group by Related entities fields
    • Relations Tab – Full View
    • Various performance improvements

For more information, please check the Release Notes for this version (available from MySupport).  

If you have an active support subscription for these products, please plan for downloading this version from the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal. To access these products in the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal, you will need to sign in with your Micro Focus credentials.

Our goal is to provide you with clear visibility into the support time-line of software products, enabling you to use this information to plan, test, and deploy new product versions. For more information, check our MySupport Software Product Lifecycle pages. Please take note of the end of support dates for the latest available version of this product:

Support time-line
Date Details
Aug 31, 2024 Committed Support Ends

Please note that all Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center and Application Lifecycle Management Octane customers with active support subscriptions are eligible to update to Application Lifecycle Management Octane Version 15.1.20.