CPU utilization is N/A (SLES or openSUSE or Ubuntu)

  • KM03695148
  • 01-Sep-2020
  • 01-Sep-2020


CPU utilization is N/A (SLES or openSUSE or Ubuntu)


CPU utilization is N/A message appears when sysstat package is not installed and configured in SLES or openSUSE or Ubuntu environment.



This message may be displayed if the sysstat package is not installed and configured.


You must install the sysstat package on the SiteScope server (SLES or openSUSE environment or Ubuntu) and on all remote servers that are being monitored. Follow the steps to download the sysstat package:

  1. Login to SUSE remote server
  2. Run the following commands:

    zypper lr
    zypper mr --disable 1
    zypper ar
    zypper in sysstat
  3. The following message is displayed:
    Do you want to reject the key, trust temporarily, or trust always? [r/t/a/? shows all options]
    Type r, t or a
  4. The following message is displayed:
    1 new package to install. Overall download size: 356.4 KiB. Already cached: 0 B. After the operation, additional 1.3 MiB will be used. Continue? [y/n/...? shows all options]
    Type y
  5. Run the following command to verify the installation of sysstat package:
    mpstat -P ALL 2 3
    CPU installation is displayed.