Policy has wrong owner

  • KM03694535
  • 28-Aug-2020
  • 28-Aug-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Policy has wrong owner


In some case we can see Owner of policy to be not SHR_POLICY and we cannot sync policies with remotepoller command.


Owner might change from OBM site for some reasons.


Use below commands to correct if needed:

ovpolicy -setowner <short_hostname> -poltype pa -ovrg server
ovpolicy -setowner <short_hostname> -poltype cmdb -ovrg server
ovpolicy -setowner <short_hostname> -poltype db -ovrg server
ovpolicy -setowner <short_hostname> -poltype sn -ovrg server

remotepollerutility –configPollerDs
remotepollerutility -syncds -type ALL -pollername local
remotepollerutility -syncds -type CMDB -pollername local
remotepollerutility -syncds -type DB -pollername local
remotepollerutility -syncds -type DS -pollername local
remotepollerutility -syncds -type PA -pollername local
remotepollerutility -syncpolicy -pollername local


Correct is like below for example:

 cmdb              "OMi10x_CI_Collection.xml"   enabled    9.30.000
    policy id      : "cccc4732-8216-3437-5365-c0675d4dfbce"
    owner          : "SHR_POLICY"
    category (1): "collect"
    attribute (1) : "ContentPack Name" "ETL_OMi10x"
    attribute (2) : "File Name" "OMi10x_CI_Collection.xml"
    attribute (3) : "data_0" "OMi10x_CI_Collection.xml"
    attribute (4) : "path_0" "{COL.POL.LOC}"