How CreateAA work

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  • 26-Aug-2020
  • 26-Aug-2020


This is not in documentation in clear way, some customers would understand that CreateAA only works and executes one time on first touch for ERP layer and for each module implemented.


§How CreateAA work
 Is this simple know how help full?
Yes, due to some customers ask about it, there is documentation and also other KMs, but it seems we need to put it clear and in simple words.
 What is CreateAA?
It is a layer from SDM, allowing to customers do archives of ERP systems, like EBS from Oracle or PS People Soft.





How does it work?

It is a program which creates a several sub process – programs - , which help to read data from ERPs in order to proceed with archives.

The process build a base for layer based on general configuration of ERP, doing the extended core base to hold ERP modules to be archived, that’s all, it creates a base of settings about access, responsibilities as initial stage for hold the rest of the modules.

CreateAA does not have process itself, it only creates structure to hold the ERP, and for each ERP module that the customer use, it add the module interface base to support it.

This mean:
• You first create the ‘extended core base to hold ERP’, consisting of, process -programs-, tables, database features to hold ERP used by SDM.
• If you after wants to archive a ERP module, for example, Order Purchasing OP, you have to run CreateAA just only to build a second base to hold this module in detail, and do this for every module you want to archive.
CreateAA not process nothing during BF execution, it means, if you archive OP BF, the BF job uses the base already set by CreateAA, and processing over it, plus, it own programmed way to do archive.
CreateAA process is only executed one time on first implementation and one for each module, that’s all.
When you do archives from ERP modules, BF run by itself, mounted or running on-over bases set before, CreateAA not take place here, doing nothing.

 Want to learn more?

• On SDM documentation
• Look for KM KM03660809.

 How much time running CreateAA what about performance?

This is a process to create an interface as layer between SDM and the ERP, so, it creates bases to hold main initial ERP support, small interface subrutines -programs-, tables on SDM repository, access -privs, grants, authorities, access levels, objects for interface.

In also fill some data into SDM repository about ERP settings and also on further executions, store information about each module setting the base for BF archive executions coming.

Process running CreateAA is not taking much time to create the layer objects, it isn’t significative about performance and time creating objects.

Remember BF about each module is the one having process of heavy resources consumption, and if you for example run the archive of OP module, it will depends on many factors, like memory, disk speed, hardware resources, database configuration, hardware configuration, hardware capabilities, and other more points to take in mind most oriented to hardware and OS configurations.