ArcSight Investigate

  • KM03693116
  • 20-Aug-2020
  • 23-Aug-2020


ArcSight Investigate product obsolescence and associated migration to ArcSight Recon.



Program overview


Micro Focus is announcing the product obsolescence of ArcSight Investigate. Micro Focus is committed to providing the highest level of customer care to you while you determine your future strategy for the ArcSight Investigate products, and will provide support as indicated by the dates listed below.



Key program dates

Date Details
Aug 26, 2020  Support customer notification
Nov 1, 2020  End of Sale (no longer orderable or available for purchase)
Apr 30, 2023  Support for ArcSight Inestigate ends  


Program documentation


Customers on active support are entitled to migrate to ArcSight Recon.  

Further information regarding ArcSight Recon can be found at ArcSight Community, through your local Micro Focus Sales Representative or Micro Focus Software Business Partner.

Support Subscription Update

There are some licenses impacted due to this product obsolescence. For this reason, your support contracts need to be updated. Please contact your local Micro Focus Representative or Micro Focus Business Partner to get your support contract updated accordingly.

Replacement Product Media & License Keys: Custo​mer will be able to download replacement media & License Keys, if needed, at

( for US Government Solutions). 

Concurrent support: There will be 3 months of concurrent support for migrating to ArcSight Recon.


Our goal is to provide you with a clear visibility into the support time-line of software products, enabling you to use this information to plan, test, and deploy new product versions.

»Affected product numbers list (.PDF)*

This communication is covered by the Business Support Agreement.


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