Traffic exporting interface is listed under the Unresolved IPs list in Traffic.

  • KM03687334
  • 30-Jul-2020
  • 30-Jul-2020

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When a node is not completely discovered in NNMi, the Traffic iSPI fails to proccess the interface's flows.


In the Traffic master jbossServer.log below message is seen:

WARNING [] (Timer-1813) InterfaceInfo not found in NNM <nodehostname>

INFO [] (Timer-1817) Lookup returned null for <NodeIP>


Some reasons for this to happen:

The flow exporting IF indexes are not discovered with the correct IP address.

The IP address configured to export flow is not discovered/listed in the IP Address tab of the node.

Another node exists with the same IP as the one configured to send traffic flows.


1. Create a file: in $TrafficDataDir$/nmsas/traffic-master/conf directory.

2. Add an entry to map the producer IP’s with an IP address of the node which is discovered in NNMi.

 So if x.x.x.x is a flow exporter and you want it to be mapped to node y.y.y.y (on NNM) for traffic lookup then add the line x.x.x.x = y.y.y.y

3. Restart traffic master process:



Verify that the IF lookups succeed and the corresponding entries should not be seen in “Unresolved NNM IPs” on traffic UI.