Synonyms in SDM EBS Layer

  • KM03687248
  • 30-Jul-2020
  • 30-Jul-2020


Why synonyms in layer by SDM using EBS


There are several issues when some change take place in OLTP using Oracle EBS, then, synonyms on SDM under user _AA got unsynchronized.
So, what is the purpose of them.


How do Synonyms work for SDM Layer
When SDM layer runs via CreateIngtAA, it means, process duplicate reference to OLTP objects using synonyms and procedure copy.
Unfortunately, 100% hit of layer creating schemas of EBs usually fails, so, some objects are duplicated under _AA user, however, synonyms, are the best way of references, due to avoid to have duplicate of objects, one original for OLTP and copy-one on repository under _AA schema.
So, synonyms eliminate redundancy and versioning, and do fast reference to original objects, doing that the BF runs in better way.
We get cases having this matter and everything you need is get the object name from schemas involved and recreate the object, even though, original is valid.
In this way, many issues are fixed.