Opcmsga aborted on Windows Srv

  • KM03685822
  • 22-Jul-2020
  • 22-Jul-2020

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opcsmga stays aborted on the node after OA installation. Reconfiguration or reinstallation do not solve the issue


Installation of Operations Agent 12.12 on a Windows Server 2016.

opcmsga stays aborted


The system is trying to use cscript instead of cscript.exe

This can be validated by taking and XPL trace of the opcmsga process during the startup attempt

 Trace entries

[eaagt.actn] INFO Expanded 'cscript //NoLogo "%ovinstalldir%/bin/win64/ovodetect.vbs" -d [node data] -i [node data]' -macs [node data]' to 'cscript //NoLogo "%ovinstalldir%/bin/win64/ovodetect.vbs" -d [node data] -i [node data]' -macs [node data]'"
[eaagt.debug] INFO using extension  got fullcmdname: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cscript
[eaagt.debug] INFO PROC: Converting C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cscript
[eaagt.actn] INFO Creating process Here 'C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cscript //NoLogo "%ovinstalldir%/bin/win64/ovodetect.vbs"
-d [node data] -i [node data]' -macs [node data]'


• Go to C:\Windows\System32\,

• locate the cscript.

• Validate if a cscript and a cscript.exe are present.

• if yes, then move the cscript without extension out of System32 and leave only the  cscript.exe

• Once there is only the cscript.exe, run the ovc -start opcmsga or restart the agent 

After that the process should start as expected