How to change the Octane log file path

  • KM03685801
  • 22-Jul-2020
  • 22-Jul-2020


In some cases it might be necessary to change the path where Octane log files are written


How to change the Octane log file path


1) Navigate to the Octane "conf" folder, for example...
Linux: /opt/octane/conf
WIndows: C:\octane\conf

2) Locate and edit the file: log4j2-conf.xml
3) Locate the element: LOG_FOLDER
4) Change the path to the desired existing path, for example...

Change From: <Property name="LOG_FOLDER">/opt/octane/log</Property>
Change To: <Property name="LOG_FOLDER">/tmp/octane/log</Property>

Change From: <Property name="LOG_FOLDER">C:\octane\log</Property>
Change To: <Property name="LOG_FOLDER">D:\octanelogs</Property>

5) Save changes
6) Repeat the Steps 3 to 5 for the file: log4j2-setup-conf.xml
Note: doing for Step 6 handles the path when Octane is upgraded