Topology issue from Sitescope 11.60 to APM 9.30 - No CI is sent from Sitescope to APM

  • KM03685494
  • 21-Jul-2020
  • 10-Jun-2021


No CI is sent from Sitescope to APM


You should saw the below error  in bac_integration.log:

- Error - failed to run main toplogy agent

caused by : Traceback  ( most recent call last)


NameError: global name 'Long' is not defined



For this issue, we need to redeploy sitescope package wich is included in sitescope 11.60 for APM 9.30.

The path of the package should be "SiS 11.60\SiteScope_2018.11_Integration_Packages\APM9.30_package\"


Step to follow:

in APM server:

- make a back up of package: HPBSM/odb/conf/factory_packages/

- copy the file from sitscope setup: SiS 11.60\SiteScope_2018.11_Integration_Packages\APM9.30_package\

- Paste and replace to HPBSM/odb/conf/factory_packages

- access RTSM jmx console:


- Select "deployPackages" from the list

+ CustomerID = 1

+ dir : leave empty

+ packagesname:

+ click on Invoke

+ once it has completed, it should show that " 129 deployed resources"


in Sitescope server:

+ stop sitescope service

+ make a backup of folder "sitescope\discovery"

+ delete the file SiteScope\discovery\__CmdbClassModel.bin

+ delete all file in folder SiteScope\discovery\hsqldb

+ delete all file .py in folder SiteScope\discovery\scripts

+ delete files in folder "SiteScope\cache\topologyresultsData\merged"

+ start sitescope service

+ Access Sitscope UI and do resync

+ Wait for few minutes and check topology in APM UI