How to Set UCMDB Server Time, Change Time Zone Setting, or Correct System-induced Clock Drift

  • KM03685423
  • 20-Jul-2020
  • 20-Jul-2020


When changing the UCMDB server system time backward or forward on the database server, administrators should follow a scenario that eliminates risk of unresponsive servers and/or data inconsistencies (for both standalone or high-availability based UCMDB systems).


Note: UCMDB server (also all HA nodes servers) and the database server should be based on UTC time. This helps preventing issues caused by time zone and daylight savings time changes.


To do so,

  1. Stop UCMDB server.

    In case of cluster environment, stop all the nodes.

  2. Perform actions needed to change the system time.
  3. On the UCMDB server machine, execute the following command:

    • Windows: Go to the C:\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\tools\dbscripts folder, and run the following command from command prompt:

      dbtool resetClusterConf

    • Linux: /opt/UCMDB/UCMDBServer/tools/dbscripts/ resetClusterConf

  4. Restart UCMDB server.