BMA timeout issue because of calculating FS size

  • KM03670517
  • 08-Jul-2020
  • 03-May-2021


The calculating of File system size taking too much time leading to the BMA time out and then fail Reviewed, edited


[Major] From: BSM@CellManager "Backup spec" Time: 27/6/2020 3:52:43 AM
[61:1002]   The BMA named " [GW 1452:0:8107721873916891442]" on host Mediaserver
  reached its inactivity timeout of 12000 seconds.
  The agent on host will be shutdown.




notreewalk registry has been set without success

the size of drive is still counted


Customer set "Detect NTFS hardlinks" on backup specification


This option enables detection of NTFS hard links. By default, Data Protector does not detect NTFS hard links, and backs up hard links as files. This significantly improves backup performance, but the files occupy more space on the media. The original structure is not preserved and, at restore, hard links are restored as files. Note that NTFS hard links are not commonly used on Windows and typically, you do not need to enable this option. However, you must enable this option if you want to later perform disaster recovery.



Unselect "Detect NTFS hardlinks" then problem has gone.