SiteScope - Java Applet Error Getting JMX Counters

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  • 30-Jun-2020
  • 07-Jun-2021


SiteScope - Java Applet Error Getting JMX Counters



SiteScope - Java Applet Error Getting JMX Counters

When trying to reload counters of a JMX monitor, an error pops up in Mozilla Firefox with the message

"Error 31010 Not enough allocated memory on applet to handle counters. Current max memory 247MB"

Changed the Java Heap Size in Memory Settings through SiteScope -> Configuration Tool -> Sizing,
also modifed parameters on go.bat file ( -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m was 240m before change ),
but without any good result.

The SiteScope server has 16 GB physical memory on Windows 2008.




To raise Java Applet Memory one needs to go to the Java Configuration Plugin application in Windows on the system used to access the SiteScope GUI, NOT the SiteScope server itself.
The applet runs on the local / user system.


Go to the Java Configuration Plugin / Java Control Panle in Windows -> tab "Java" 
-> at "View and Manage Java Runtime versions and settings for Java applications and applets." click View
    add the flag –Xmx512m to the runtime parameters
   click OK

You need to change the amount of assigned memory depending on your use case.


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