How to use Create Archive Access

  • KM03660809
  • 30-Jun-2020
  • 30-Jun-2020


EBS is a complex topic and SDM uses a layer to make integration and do archives, here you will find more information which is not present on SDM documentation so good to know about it.


This is a gap in documentation, usually Create Archive Access is used for APPS or PS ERP applications.
When a customer uses ERPS mentioned before, SDM has a layer as interface with different modules customer has.
SDM layer is called ‘Create Archive Access’, and it is a pack what isn’t part of the main SDM software package, so, customer must download it as separate.


When to use it:
·         First time customer run CreateAA having SDM installed and everything related to access ERP.
·         Each time customer does changes on ERP side, be ERP itself or DB, you named, upgrades, patches, new versions, etc…
·         It is important to mention that you can or must run this module more than one for each new APPS module implementation or database changes.
·         So, feel free to execute it maybe a couple, more than that, and given issues, you must open a case with support in order to analyze what is happening.