Backup/Restore Procedure for Application Failover Cluster

  • KM03660414
  • 30-Jun-2020
  • 30-Apr-2021


How to backup and restore NNMi.


This document describes the ways of backing up and restoring NNMi on the same server when working in an Application Failover cluster.


If downtime is not an issue during the procedure, you can use the -offline option of the nnmbackup.ovpl script:

1. Run bellow command on the primary server:


Linux: /opt/OV/bin/nnmcluster -halt

Windows: %NNMInstallDir%\bin\nnmcluster -halt

- Shuts down the NNMi cluster daemon process on all nodes in the cluster. This disables failover, shuts down all standby nodes, then shuts down the active node.

2. Unconfigure the cluster by commenting the cluster values in below file on both nodes:


Linux: /opt/OV/shared/nnm/conf/props/

Windows: %NNMDataDir%\shared\nnm\conf\props\


3. On both nodes, initiate the backup script:

Linux: /opt/OV/bin/nnmbackup.ovpl -type offline -scope all -target <some directory>

%NNMInstallDir%\bin\nnmbackup.ovpl -type offline -scope all -target <some directory>

4. When finished, configure the cluster again by:

i. Uncommenting the properties from step 2

ii. Run nnmcluster -daemon on the Primary node first and when it assumes the active state run this on the Secondary server.

iii. Run nnmcluster -dbsync on either of the nodes.

When a restore is needed to take place, respectively on each server first use steps 1-2 described above to unconfigure the cluster and then restore the back ups respectively on the nodes using:

Linux: /opt/OV/bin/nnmrestore.ovpl -lic -source <directory of the backup file>.

Windows: %NNMInstallDir%\bin\nnmrestore.ovpl -lic -source <directory of the backup file>.

Once finished, use step 4 to restore the cluster configuration.


If you would like to avoid downtime during the backup activity, use the -online option on the primary server perform a failover and when the secondary becomes active run the backup in online mode there:

Linux: /opt/OV/bin/nnmbackup.ovpl -type online-scope all -target <some directory>

%NNMInstallDir%\bin\nnmbackup.ovpl -type online -scope all -target <some directory>


Note: Restoring a backup will always require the cluster to be unconfigured, otherwise below message will be displayed:

Unable to proceed. nnmrestore.ovpl canno tbe used while NNMi is configured for Application Failover. Please, take the application out of Application Failover mode before performing the restore.