Notification regarding Vertica for SQL on Hadoop

  • KM03654022
  • 24-Jun-2020
  • 24-Jun-2020


This notification is intended for customers who have purchased Vertica for SQL on Hadoop.


The Vertica Additional License Authorizations (ALA) document states the following:

“Vertica for SQL on Hadoop is licensed per Node, on an unlimited number of central processing units or CPUs and an unlimited number of Users. Vertica for SQL on Hadoop is for deployment on Hadoop nodes. Includes 1 TB of Vertica ROS formatted data on HDFS.”

This 1 TB of ROS limit enforcement is currently only contractual, but it will begin to be technically enforced in Vertica 10.1. Starting with Vertica 10.1, if you are using Vertica for SQL on Hadoop, you will not be able to load more than 1 TB of ROS data into your Vertica database. If you were unaware of this limitation and already have more than 1 TB of ROS data in your database at this time, please make any necessary adjustments to stay below the limit, or contact our sales team to explore other licensing options.


Vertica Team