PMDB/stage/archive has huge size

  • KM03652989
  • 19-Jun-2020
  • 19-Jun-2020

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PMDB/stage/archive has huge size


PMDB/stage/archive has huge size


Issue with OBR version or known defect


Ensure latest patch and Hotfixes are applied.

We can then clean in following way:

• Keep the parameters same as below under  $PMDB_HOME/config/ file:
archive.retention.period=48 (This value is in Hour and default is 48 hour (2 days))
archivefilecleanup.job.freq=1440 (This value is in minutes and default is 1440 Minutes (1 day))

• Try to do the below step to try to cleanup the Stage/archive folder every 2 hours:

Modify the setting in two different files to  achieve the requested:
A)     Update the below command from  $PMDB_HOME/lib/trendtimer.sched file
120 - - {PMDB_HOME}/bin/archiveCleanup
Note: 120 means run this cleanup command every 120 minutes/ 2 hours (2X60)