Verifying NNMi direct integration data

  • KM03652988
  • 19-Jun-2020
  • 19-Jun-2020

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Verifying NNMi direct integration data


Npo data in Component and Interface health reports.


Possible missconfig or any other data issue on OBR or NNMI


We can verify with below steps:


Verify whether dimension & metric csvs having pattern like *_SHR_* are dumped on the shared drive as mentioned in the summary
                Dimension csvs path: /mnt/NMMICCMAQA-SN/PerfSpi/topoDump/final/
                Metric csvs path: /mnt/NMMICCMAQA-SN/PerfSpi/metric/final/


 Restart NNMi services as below:

Verify the status ETL and just restart it once as below:
perl $PMDB_HOME/bin/stopETL.ovpl
perl $PMDB_HOME/bin/startETL.ovpl

Check for processed CSV.s from NNMI in OBR: