Automatic Action is not updating the event information in Operations Manager i (OMi/OBM)

  • KM03651271
  • 10-Jun-2020
  • 10-Jun-2020


After the execution of the Automatic Action in the Managed node, the information of the action is not reflected in the Event on OMi side.


Error message received in opr-gateway.log:
[Activator] ERROR MessageActionSignatureChecker.isSignatureValidToCert(332) - : Signature length not correct: got 512 but was expecting 256 Signature length not correct: got 512 but was expecting 256
[Activator] ERROR MessageActionSignatureChecker.checkOk(117) - The action signature check finally failed for action call: '<script> <i>Warning</i> "<i><POLICY_NAME></i> <i>JOBFAILURE</i> at <i>10/25/2019 07:31:58</i> - <i>A CA WAAE (instance: PDN machine: <CI_NAME>) alarm has been generated.</i>" <i><CI_ID></i>' 
[Activator] ERROR MessageActionSignatureChecker.checkOk(121) - Resulting from previous checks, this Action is not trusted 
[Activator] DEBUG MessageConverter.setAutoAction(919) - Setting iAutoAction: 'null' 
[Activator] DEBUG MessageConverter.setUserAction(932) - Setting iUserAction: 'null' 



Event that was received on the gateway still had SHA1 certificate signature which is of 2048 key length. As certificates were migrated to SHA2 the key length has to be 4096.


Policies used to generat the event and Automatic Action still had SHA1 signature. Due to this mismatch in signing signatures present, the Operations Agent (OA) proces opcmsgi is picking the wrong signature and is appending it to the event generated, which is wrong. So to sort out this problem had to redeploy the policies on to the agent node after the certificate migration, that would make the policies to have the new signature.

After redeploying the policies, events worked and Automatic Action information was populated in OMi event side.