NPS installation fails with the error "Perl_xs_apiversion_bootcheck"

  • KM03646328
  • 02-Jun-2020
  • 02-Jun-2020


This document details the hot-fixes that should be deployed prior to installing NPS v2018.11 on a system that already has NNMi v2019.05 or later


Error message
INFO: Running perl script: initializeNPS.ovpl -a copyFIPSJavaSecurityFile
/opt/OV/nonOV/perl/a/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /opt/OV/nonOV/perl/a/lib/site_perl/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/auto/List/MoreUtils/ undefined symbol: Perl_xs_apiversion_bootcheck
FATAL ERROR: initializeNPS.ovpl -a copyFIPSJavaSecurityFile Failed. (Logfile /var/tmp/PerfSPI_RunInitializeNPS_copyFIPSJavaSecurityFile.txt)


This behaviour is observed on co-located setups, wherein NNMi v2019.05 is already deployed and using HPOvPerlA-5.26.006-1.x86_64.

The higher version of Perl being used by NNMi conflicts with the install of NPS v2018.11 which is still using Perl v5.16


A hotfix is available to resolve this issue and the same should be deployed prior to the installation of iSPI Performance for Metrics v2018.11

For Windows : Colocated_Win_NPS_2018.11_HF.tar.gz

For Linux : Colocated_Lin_NPS_2018.11_HF.tar.gz