Sitescope missing login prompt after service restart

  • KM03645964
  • 30-May-2020
  • 30-May-2020

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Sitescope missing login prompt after service restart


Sitescope server is not showing login prompt after service restart. 

We can see the main login page with sitescope logo but textbox for user name and password is missing.


the login page is blank. Based on the log sent, we can see the following:

 [SiteScope Main] ( INFO - Starting maintenance scheduler...
 [SiteScope Main] ( INFO - Starting topaz manager (checking the integration)
 [SiteScope Main] ( ERROR - problem while sending data to URL: http://<<bsm>>/topaz/topaz_api/tmc_info_query?type=integration_support error: URL: http://<<bsm>>/topaz/topaz_api/tmc_info_query?type=integration_support, host: bsm, port: 80, UsingProxy: false, isHTTPS(SSL): false, Connection timed out: connect, currentRetry: 0

It seems that SiteScope is not able to communicate with OMi/APM and that's the reason it's not able to completely start.

As per conversation, customer needs to find out if the other application (Omi or APM) is working ok. If not, we need to check that first and then SiteScope will be able to start.
For now we have two options:

- Check if the integration is working or if there's any communication issue with the host "bsm" from SiteScope server.

- Recreate the integration.
Customer was able to get the integration url working and sitescope is now up and running.