Install Extension Packs on a dedicated NPS server.

  • KM03644856
  • 26-May-2020
  • 26-May-2020

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


Install Extension Packs on a dedicated NPS server.


To install any Extension Pack (Traffic, QA, IPT, MPLS, Multicast) on the dedicated NPS server you have to use the installExtensionPack.ovpl utility and the following easy steps.


The installation binaries for each Extension Pack installed on the NNMi server are by default located under the directory:

Linux: /opt/OV/newconfig/qa/<EP_Name>ReportPackInstall/<EP_Name>.tar.gz

Windows: %NNMInstallDir%\newconfig\<EP_Name>ReportPackInstall\<EP_Name>.tar.gz

An example on how to deploy a Quality Assurance Extension pack to NPS:

Go to its binary directory:

Linux: /opt/OV/newconfig/qa/QAReportPackInstall/Quality_Assurance.tar.gz

Windows: %NNMInstallDir%\newconfig\QAReportPackInstall\Quality_Assurance.tar.gz

Copy the Quality_Assurance.tar.gz to the NPS server under:

Linux: /opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/extensionpacks/

Windows: %NPSInstallDir%\NNMPerformanceSPI\extensionpacks\

And proceed with installing it using installExtensionPack.ovpl on the NPS server:

Linux: /opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/bin/installExtensionPack.ovpl -e /opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/extensionpacks/Quality_Assurance.tar.gz -m all -f install

Windows: %NPSInstallDir%\NNMPerformanceSPI\bin\installExtensionPack.ovpl -e %NPSInstallDir%\NNMPerformanceSPI\extensionpacks\Quality_Assurance.tar.gz -m all -f install