Sample How to Get Business Flow -BF- Documentation from Designer

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  • 15-May-2020
  • 15-May-2020


We can get information from what a BF does when archive, and thus determinate if we need work on that or get help on it for many purposes.


Sometimes we need to collect information about what a BF does when archive data, in this way, SDM has a way to get it in Designer.
All we need to have is, have or import or load the project, or BF in Designer tool. This is very helpful specially talking about APPS Layer from SDM, it means,  CreateAA-CreateIntegrationAA about APPS modules, AR, AP, OM, GL, etc..
And follow the steps on next detailed here.


Do the following:
   1 How to learn to get BF information:
   1.1 Use a test having Oracle as OLTP and repository
   1.2 Have installed DEMARC
   1.3 Make a Env for test
   1.4 Build a BF in SDM Designer taking two tables, mater detail, (I don't remember if Order_Header and Order_Distribution), you the right ones bc I don't remember.
   1.5 Having Model, Cartridge with purge
   1.6 Stand on BF you named
   1.7 Save the BF
   1.8 On BF, open Deploy BF menu right click
   1.9 Select Generate Documentation
   1.10 Go where the pdf was created
   1.11 Check it out what you see, take your time in detail to get know-how.