How Delete parameters on SDM Discovery console

  • KM03640113
  • 15-May-2020
  • 15-May-2020


When user tries to delete a paremeter the command runs but without effect, doing anything.



Users try to delete parameters using Discovery console, using the proper command, but the command ran but the paremter is still there, or gives error.

Here you have the way to do it.



Steps to delete the parameters:
  1. 1.     Stop the webConsole if at all it is running.
  2. 2.     Go to the obtdiscovery schema created under your PostgreSQL repository connection.
  3. 3.     Manually delete the parameters entries from obtsdd_params table by executing delete SQL query.
  4. 4.     Now restart the webConsole and launch Discovery module and you will see that these parameters automatically get removed from the SDM\OBTHOME\config\ file.