Produce a list of records with Connect It

  • KM03639251
  • 12-May-2020
  • 14-May-2020


Produce a list of records with Connect It


Processing many records from Service Manager using Connect It may be tricky. These steps show how to Produce a list of records using the Service Manager WebService Connector.



1. From the Connect It toolbox, add a ServiceCenter/Service Manager Web Service connector
2. Click next when the connector's configuration popup appears.
3. Configure the Connector based on the Service Manager connection parameters. For Example:
Server Name: localhost:13080
Context Path: sc62server/PWS
Service Name: IncidentManagement
Login: falcon
Password: "Empty"
4. Click Finish.
5. Double click the Connector, so the document type can be selected. Click new in the Produce document type panel.
6. As an example, the RetrieveIncidentList will be used. Notice that all of the document types are Responses. Expand the one with name: RetrieveIncidentList, then Expand $ParentDoc$, expand keys and double click "query".
7. Then, Expand "RetrieveIncidentListResponse and double click all the fields you need to be available for the mapping.
8. In the right panel, there are two tabs: "Document Produced on Consumption" and "Executing". Click the first tab.
9. Check "Enable auto-consume" check box
10. Click "Executing" tab. Notice the "Keys" Element in the panel above the tabs, has a value of "0 item(s), right click that element and then click "Add collection element". The value of query will be "(Empty string)".
11. Modify "(Empty string)" and set the desired query. As an example set the value as true so all records are retrieved.
12. Then click finish.
13. After the configuration above, configure the connector that will Consume the data produced.
NOTE: The scenario attached is an example and uses the database connector to consume the Service Manager records.