How to disable embedded CMS UI

  • KM03637964
  • 06-May-2020
  • 11-May-2020


How to disable embedded CMS UI


There might be the possibility that is required to disable the CMS UI that comes embeeded in the UCMDB installation.

It is possible that is required to install in a separate server the CMS UI and the embedded one should be disabled.


In the case it is required to dissable embedded CMS UI it is possible to do so by following the steps below

  1. Stop the UCMDB Server.

  2. Delete the ucmdb-browser.war file, and the ucmdb-browser folder from the <UCMDB_ Server_install_folder>\deploy folder.

  3. Delete the ucmdb-browser.war folder from the <UCMDB_Server_install_folder>\runtime\jetty-cache folder.
  4. Start the UCMDB server.

In a High Availability environment, repeat the above procedure for each CMS UI in the cluster.