DB2 Archivelog backup failed

  • KM03637380
  • 04-May-2020
  • 03-May-2021


DB2 Full backup completed successfully but archive log always failed Reviewed


From DP end:

[Normal] From: BSM@cellmanager "archivelog"  Time: 01/30/2020 10:18:04 AM
        Backup session xxx started.

[Normal] From: BSM@cellmanager "archivelog"   Time: 01/30/2020 10:18:05 AM
        OB2BAR application on "server1_dns1" successfully started.

[Normal] From: BSM@cellmanager "archivelog"  Time: 01/30/2020 10:18:08 AM
        OB2BAR application on "server1_dns1" disconnected.

[Critical] From: BSM@cellmanager "archivelog"  Time: 01/30/2020 10:18:08 AM
        None of the Disk Agents completed successfully.
        Session has failed.


From DB2 log:
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection services, sqlpgArchiveLogFile, probe:3160
MESSAGE : ZRC=0x86100025=-2045771739=SQLP_MEDIA_VENDOR_DEV_ERR
          "A vendor device reported a media error."
DATA #1 : <preformatted>
Failed to archive log file Sxxx.LOG to VENDOR chain 0 from /db2/tws_log/NODE0000/LOGSTREAM0000/.


On DB2 debug: it looks like the db2 api tried to get the config file with its other name:

[ 99] 2020-02-18 04:30:13.703 ("/integ/barutil/ob2util.c $Rev$ $Date::                      $:":550)
[ 99] <<=== (2) }  /* BU_GetConfig */
[ 99]   RetVal: (int) 8
[ 99]
[ -2] BU_GetConfig(cellmanager, server1_dns2, DB2, db2inst1, config) failed with error [8] Object not found or access denied.

As the Cell Manager only has its server1_dns1 name, backup was unable to proceed.

running omnicheck -dns -host server1_dns1 always returns:

CM connects to server1_dns1 but connected system presents itself as server1_dns2


Config the backup as server1_dns2, if not possible, create 2 different config files as server1_dns2 name

1. Create two files under /etc/opt/omni/server/integ/config/db2 with same content:

a. copy content of server1_dns1%db2inst1          to new file namely


b. copy content of server1_dns1%INSTANCE_LIST          to new file namely


2. so the folder contains 4 files, 2 files for each name.