Empty Management Pack (MP) views in Operations Manager I (OMi)

  • KM03637111
  • 30-Apr-2020
  • 30-Apr-2020


In OMi sometime the views for MPs like Oracle, MSSQL, SAP, are empty even if the information is sent from the Operations Agent (OA) where the MP policy es deployed.


Empty View in OMi that should be populated by information collected by Management Packs.

The below example happened with Oracle but this can be applied to any MP that uses Topology Discovery Policy.

MP CI is not being added to RTSM.

Policy was deployed correctly:

image text

System.txt in Operations Agent is showing the information being sent to OMi successfully:

image text

But Oracle view in OMi shows empty:

image text

And no DB CI was in RTSM:

image text

Error in %TOPAZ_HOME%/log/odb/odb/cmdbreconciliation.log


ERROR  [qtp743901415-57860] - !!!FAILED!!![Operation #572035464 Name=DataInAddOrUpdateData]

com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.DataInOperationException: [ErrorCode [110] class model validation error]

Error while trying to [addOrUpdate] on level [1]! validation error occured, class [oracle].  Error in properties type validation :  property [(string-product_name:oracle_database)] is defined as attribute [attribute: name [product_name] type [product_name_enum] isFactory [true] isUserUpdated [false]] of type cmdb list. Property's value is not one of the defined cmdb list values




This is a common issue that happens with Management Packs discovery and includes RTSM logs analysis.

 product_name_enum table under Administration > RTSM Administration > CI Types > System Type Manager was missing everything



Reload RTSM Content packs located in:

For version prior to 2018.11: %TOPAZ_HOME%/odb/content/content_packs

For 2018.11 and newer version: %TOPAZ_HOME%/ucmdb/content/content_packs


Copy the Content Pack to the machine where RTSM Package Manager will be accessed. The Content Pack name will be CP_*.zip. In this case the content Pack is CP_25.00.68.zip.

Go to Administration > RTSM Administration > Package Manager

Select the Deploy Icon:

image text

Locate the zip file in the location where it was copied, click import and then OK.

image text

Once everything is loaded click over Deploy button:

image text

This message should be received when the deploy process is successful:

image text

After that, is needed to Rebuild Model Schemas and views:

  • Access RTSM JMX Console: https://DPS_FQDN:8443/jmx-console
  • Select UCMDB:service=DAL Services
  • Invoke method rebuildModelDBSchemaAndViews: customerID=1, skipIndexRebuild, skipColumnsUpdate and previewMode should be in false.

Need to also run deployPackages:

image text

Restart all OMi services.

Run again the discovery process in the Oracle server:

                #/opt/OV/bin/ovagtrep -clearall

                #/opt/OV/bin/ovagtrep -run “OracleDB_Discovery”

#/opt/OV/bin/ovagtrep -publish -all


Now, OMi view should be populated:

image text